Lisa Wagner

Business consultant. Website expert. Reader, writer, baker, builder. Based in Portland, Oregon. Virtually everywhere.

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Business strategist with deep online prowess, specializing in brand-building customer advocacy. Strategically designing user-centric, business-driven web platforms and digital systems for over two decades.


July 2015 – Present

Principal Consultant, President and Founder

May 2014 – July 2015

Website Manager

September 2000 – May 2014 User Experience Lead
Digital Marketing Specialist


A digital professional since the early days of the commercial internet, Lisa Wagner has earned her reputation for deep-rooted expertise as a leading website strategist.

Lisa hails from a family of wayfaring entrepreneurs who touched down in locales ranging from Cape Cod to the California coast. Her unconventional early education spanned twelve schools in four states, alternated with bouts of homeschooling, library encampments, and an incomplete attempt to read the encyclopedia. In the family business, she trained at a young age in administration, accounting, marketing, and architecture. She had already founded three companies by age 25, when she foresaw that the newly-emerging World Wide Web would utterly change how businesses interacted with customers. Lisa bought a book on HTML and launched her current career.

The web was simpler then, and after just a few years of freelance web design, she was an expert HTML coder. Demand for internet skills was exploding, and Lisa found contract gigs building out the fledgling websites of large companies, using her self-teaching skills to pick up whatever she needed to know, from Photoshop to project management to Perl. Her final client was Intel – where she hired onto permanent staff in 2000 as an Internet Marketing Specialist.

Over the next 14 years, evolved from an assortment of fragmented web properties into a powerful central platform, and Lisa became its linchpin. From her initial role managing the microsite for a service venture, she quickly advanced into globally influential roles on the corporate web team—covering program management, information architecture, research planning, digital brand, social media strategy, and marketing campaigns. For three years she was singularly responsible for coordinating the online execution of every Intel product launch—over 100 introductions, including the global debut of multi-core processors as well as the initiation of the Intel® Core™ processor brand.

With her technical background and entrepreneurial roots, and never a hesitation to get her hands dirty, Lisa became known as the one who could transform a struggling website, distil massive complexity into a streamlined system, and take on those tricky roles requiring a perfect blend of creative and functional, strategic and executional abilities.

In late 2010, Intel initiated its largest web project to date or since: to completely re-imagine its corporate online presence, from platform to presentation to process. Lisa was tapped to spearhead the architecture and experience. While an army of marketers and technologists rebuilt the platform and rewrote its content library, Lisa worked closely with an elite team of creative and technology partners to design and define the presentation layer – and just as importantly, the authoring system that would enable it.

Henceforth, Lisa became the steward of the new – overseeing the global architecture, managing the front-end framework, championing digital excellence, and spearheading leading UX practices to streamline the web journey for Intel’s millions of site visitors.

In 2014 it was finally time to move beyond Lisa signed up for a stint at Portland-based software company Puppet Labs, who’s home-grown website was growing unwieldy under years of patchwork iteration. While jumping into the frenetic startup-paced demand for content updates and one-off functionality, Lisa rebranded and re-architected the site upon arrival. She went on to implement upgrades across the stack, from a cleaned up analytics system to an upgraded back-end, overhauling key content sections, product marketing, industry solutions, customer on-boarding, and more. To drive a more strategic user experience design, Lisa introduced a comprehensive customer profile matrix bridging the full customer lifecycle: from raw sales lead to loyal community member.

Lisa’s latest project has been to return to her roots as an independent entrepreneur. In 2015 she launched her own brand—Xinnia—a business consulting firm specializing in digital experience. Already she has helped clients, ranging in size from one to 100,000 employees, to build, rebuild, and optimize their websites, get new projects funded, implement marketing, and maximize promotional dollars.

What’s next? That might be up to you, she’d love to hear about your latest project. Email, connect through one of the channels below, or hop over to to see what Lisa’s been up to lately.